Artizens Touch
Adrian & Leona


is a veteran group of  Trainers, Martial Artist, Yoga Instructors and Massage Therapist led and trained by Adrian and  Leona Carr  with a vision of bringing healing and health to body, mind, and spirit.

Adrian Carr

Adrian is an agility trainer with 50 years of training and teaching Martial Arts, Fitness and Yoga with 4 Martial Arts National Championship Titles. 

 Adrian has been featured on ESPN, TBS, Men's Fitness, Fit Yoga, Atlanta Today, Florida Business Journal and other local, national and international shows.

Leona Carr

Leona has a Bachelor of Visual Arts from Auburn University and has over 20 years experience in fine arts and graphic design. Her  accolades include Illustrator and Copywriter of the Year. She has designed and illustrated for PGA, Hallmark, Anheuser-Busch, USMC, Home Depot, Milliken and the MLB, NFL, NBA, NHL Properties and  many others.

Leona is a Licensed Massage Therapist with extensive experience in the Spa, NMT and Medical Massage field as a full-time therapist.

GA LIC  #MT001643
Check out original artwork on this website illustrated by Leona.
We do what we do because we love it!